Welcome to Simpact, Incorporated.The Legacy Protocol Translation Experts.
  Simpact has closed, but Protogate will continue support for Simpact Intellectual Property
Company shutdown

Simpact, Inc. terminated operation in March, 2000.

If you need continued support for your Simpact products, if you have a Simpact product that needs to be repaired, or if you would like to purchase additional Simpact-developed hardware or software, please contact Protogate, Inc.

Protogate employs many of the core technology people who developed Simpact's products, and has access to the Simpact-developed technology (schematics, source code, internal design documents, etc.) necessary to build, support, repair, and enhance those products.

We are sorry that we cannot help you directly, but we feel confident that the Simpact products and technology are now in very capable hands. Please see the Protogate website for details.

If you are looking for the Simpact charitable organization, click here (not related to Simpact, Inc. or Protogate, Inc.).

Go to Protogate for continued support for Simpact products
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